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We care about the protection of your personal data, so we process them in accordance with all the requirements of Ukrainian law, as well as - where possible - the law of the European Union. By using our website, you automatically consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this policy.


  • When you visit our Site (hereinafter - the Site), place an order on it, follow our news and updates, enjoy discounts, We ask you to provide us with your personal data, in particular, your name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and delivery address.
  • In the future, we may store information about: the product you selected, the product you ordered, the order date, and the payment date for the product.
  • We will use your personal data for the following purposes:
  1. processing of your orders, sales and delivery of our products to you;
  2. sending you a newsletter;
  3. providing you with discounts on our products;
  4. communication with you.
  • We also collect information (in particular, about your IP address, pages of the Site that you have visited) for the compilation and analysis of statistics and security of our Site.
  • All your personal data is processed by the individual entrepreneur Zayats Alessandra Vadimovna (hereinafter - FLP) (58000, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, F. Dostoevsky St., house 5-B, apartment 3) and officially employees and / or contractors, under full FLP control. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, FLP Zayats Alexandra Vadimovna is the owner of personal data, and in accordance with the legislation of the European Union - their controller.
  • For marketing purposes, as well as for delivery services, personal data may be transferred to third parties. Such third parties process your data in accordance with our instructions, but in accordance with the privacy policies of those parties. Please note that servers with information posted on them may be located outside of Ukraine.
  • The grounds for processing your personal data may be:
  1. your order of our goods (the basis is the conclusion and execution of the contract, as well as preliminary actions necessary for its conclusion);
  2. your explicit consent to the processing of your personal data by us or a third party;
  3. commercial activity (this activity is our legitimate interest and the basis for the collection of personal data).
  • The processing conditions of your personal data depend on the purpose of their processing, as well as on the technology used (this applies to cookies). For example, your personal data related to the purchase and delivery of goods will be processed within 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of your order. Personal data for marketing purposes can be processed longer - up to 2 (two) years, so you are always up to date with our news, special offers and the like.
  • The conditions for the processing of your personal data by third parties are not set by us and depend entirely on the rules approved by them.


  • You can always refer to the official text of the law at the following link:
  • You have the right to:
  1. know the source from which your data is collected, where it is stored, for what purpose it is processed, as well as the company that manages the processing of such data, and its location (residence););
  2. receive information from us about the conditions of access to data, including information about the persons to whom your data may be transferred;
  3. access your personal data. In particular, you can send us a request to confirm the processing of your personal data, as well as request and receive a copy of your personal data. We will review such requests within 30 calendar days
  4. file a claim with a denial regarding the processing of your personal data. Such a claim must be motivated;
  5. require the modification or deletion of your personal data if such data is processed illegally or is inaccurate. Such a request must be motivated;
  6. protect your personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction and the like;
  7. apply to the court, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine or use other means of protection - if you believe that your rights have been violated;
  8. make a warning to limit the processing of your personal data when giving consent to the processing. Such a reservation may relate, for example, to the period of processing of personal data or their volume;
  9. revoke the consent you previously gave for the processing of your personal data. You may not revoke consent only if such consent was the sole basis for the processing of your personal data. For example, if we process your data in order to deliver goods to you (that is, to fulfill our obligation to you), you cannot withdraw your consent, otherwise we will not be able to deliver them to you;
  10. know how automatic processing of your personal data (if any) works, as well as protection against an automated decision that may have consequences for you (if the decision is made by software).).

4. Cookies

  • «A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent from our Site (or another domain) and stored by a web browser on a computer, mobile phone or other portable device..
  • Cookies can be used to store your passwords or other credentials, site browsing settings, products you choose when ordering on the Site, and for purposes such as statistics collection and marketing.
  • Cookies stored on our Site are read by the Site each time you visit the Site again, and you no longer need to re-enter passwords when selecting items that have already been moved to the cart.
  • Cookies help you better use our site, as well as help us better understand you - find out about your preferences and choose personalized products.
  • Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify these settings. Detailed descriptions of how to do this can be found on the Internet by going to your browser developer's website. Unfortunately, if you disable cookies, great functionality of the website will not be available to you, including the ability to order goods through our website.
  • Like many other Sites, we use the following types of cookies:
  1. technical cookies. These cookies are an integral part of the normal operation of our Site and are used for technical purposes, such as saving selected products, switching to their payment and the like. Typically, these cookies are session cookies, that is, they are stored until you close the browser;р;
  2. functional cookies. These cookies allow our Site to store logins, choose the language, your location, etc. - for more convenient use of the Site. Such cookies are stored long enough on your computer;
  3. marketing cookies. We use these cookies to bring our products closer to you. These cookies help us personalize your preferences and offer only those products that interest you. These cookies are also stored long enough on your computer.
  • We allow other organizations to place cookies on your device through our Site so that third parties can receive information about your preferences. Such personal data is processed in accordance with the processing rules of the relevant third parties.
  • Our Site, in particular, uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. This service uses cookies to facilitate our analysis of your use of our Site. The resulting information is usually transmitted and stored by Google Inc. on servers located in the United States. Google Inc. processes such information in an automated mode and in our interests, we, in turn, based on the results of analysis - reports, better understand your interests and needs, both in our products and in the ease of use of our Site.


  • We value your personal information, so we take your processing seriously. We use adequate methods of personal data protection and provide limited access to them.

6. Links

  • On our Site we may place links to other sites, in particular to our pages on social networks. In this case, we do not set rules for the processing of your personal data that may be collected on such Sites or social networks, and we cannot be responsible for such processing. For more information, you can read the privacy policies of the respective Sites and social networks.


If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or you want to delete your data from the mailing list or other databases, you can contact us at any time by any of the following contacts:

Individual entrepreneur : Hare Alexandra Vadimovna

IIN: 3560512982

Legal address : 58000, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, st. F. Dostoevsky, house 5-B, apartment 3


Phone: +38 (066) 650 49 79