SASHA ZAYATS - jewelry brand was founded in 2021 by Alexandra Zayats.

Crafting timeless elegance with Ukrainian heritage

Sasha Zayats is a distinguished jewelry brand that encapsulates the essence of timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. Founded by the visionary artist Sasha Zayats, the brand is deeply rooted in her Ukrainian heritage and creative vision. Each piece of jewelry crafted by Sasha Zayats reflects a harmonious blend of tradition, sophistication, and modern design.

At the heart of the brand is Sasha's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every piece is meticulously created with precision and passion, resulting in jewelry that exudes luxury and refinement. Drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, and Ukrainian struggles through the ages, Sasha Zayats infuses her designs and inspirations with intricate patterns, symbolic motifs, and organic forms, creating pieces that are both visually captivating and culturally rich.


Sasha Zayats is regularly showcased on Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and major fashion periodicals. 

To know more about the brand, read this article on ELLE on 13/10/2023 :

How did you start your career as a jewelry designer?

About three years ago, I had a deep and exceptionally inspiring conversation with my friend, the incredibly talented Kazakh filmmaker Medet Shayakhmetov. And from now on, I define this conversation as the beginning of my jewelry making journey - I felt so motivated and encouraged to follow my secret silver dream and show my perception of the world through art that there was simply no other way to do it. After that day, all my thoughts and actions were directed towards creating my own universe.

What are your main sources of inspiration when creating?

These are my life experiences, they are the main source of inspiration. If we're talking about the creative direction of my project, I'd say that I've recently discovered that it's really difficult for me to be definitely inspired by something or someone as an adult. It happens quite rarely. I got all my references from what I saw and heard in my childhood. I am also still fascinated by various sci-fi and dark fantasy worlds. And music too! She will always be my significant source of inspiration. Heavy metal, rock, techno, dark trap, these are the soundtracks for my silver world.

What sets you apart from other designers? And how has Ukrainian culture and tradition influenced your jewelry designs?

I honestly can't say that at first glance, because I don't compare my art with others. My aesthetic is more industrial and gothic than perhaps inspired by Ukrainian tradition, as is the case with many of my colleagues. Anyway, now I'm studying books on the history of metal crafting in Ukraine and I feel absolutely fascinated by the armor and weapons made over the centuries! I find it quite inspiring, so this expertise will probably find its place in my next collections.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you designed? What makes this piece so special to you?

Perhaps almost every piece of jewelry in SASHAZAYATS has a very personal meaning to me. Making jewelry is basically my way of telling some of my stories within my creative universe. So basically each piece is another chapter of my life, another moment that I want to capture through jewelry making. I would say the Bullet Hole pendant and mono earrings are still my favorite pieces. That was my very first drawing, first sample and later – first product. It is a truly unforgettable experience – to see your memories and experiences interpreted with form and structure.

You melt emotions into your jewelry, you process your inner themes in them and you hide in them the indomitable power that you want to convey to the world. In your words, what is their message?

I was fourteen when my father was shot with a shotgun. That day became a turning point for our family and for me. It established my character and left a deep mark in my heart. Every day I watched my father's series of victories over himself. Without his spirit breaking, he rose to his feet again. The silver pieces of my jewelry are still so precious to me because they are kind of a reminder of how important it is to stay strong no matter how hard life can beat you sometimes.

You live between Kyiv and Paris. What are the biggest challenges of the new normal of daily life in Ukraine?

This year, for example, I spent all of May and June in Kyiv working on a new jewelry collection , and it was quite intense. In May, Kyiv was the target of seventeen of the twenty-one reported Russian attacks on Ukraine. Sleepless nights due to missiles in the sky, news from the battlefield - which is sometimes not easy to take - stories of families losing loved ones and the realization that things will never be the same. It is not easy. But we never give up. Ukrainians are adapting to the new reality.

How did the whole situation affect your creativity and perception of the world as a designer many months later?

I won't lie, for the first 8 to 10 months of the full invasion, I had no thoughts of continuing to work. I was absolutely empty. I had no desire to do anything creative. But as I said before, people tend to adapt. I also. This year I started working on a new collection, making music again and also working as a model. I now feel that I have never had as much freedom in my art and craft as I do now. We all know what really matters in life these days, so it helps not to take art too seriously. I can say that I have become bolder and more playful as a creator.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for Ukrainians in the fashion and jewelry industry right now?

Ukrainian businesses are going through tough times, but they are fighting hard to maintain their brands, save jobs and grow even in these tough times. I am very proud of my colleagues who manage to continue their work, grow and prosper. This is really inspiring. And we are all extremely grateful to people all over the world who support Ukraine by buying goods of Ukrainian brands. It means a lot and really helps.

Your jewelry is about power and symbolism that opened up new meanings during the war. What do you think your role as a creator and the entire creative industry of your country will be once this is all over?

When I started SASHAZAYATS two years ago  , the concept was more about individualism. Now I can feel the changes in myself and it will be felt in all my art. Now is the time to be supportive, take care of each other. Hundreds of days of invasion have shown me that I and the community around me definitely have these qualities. I really believe that after the war we will all help each other and be even stronger than before.

What are your future plans for your business and jewelry designs?

I am now finishing the production of the new collection. It consists of completely new visions such as hair jewelry and some accessories. But I also have some reworked items from previous collections. For example, there will be a new version of silver claws, Claws 3.0. 

What are your personal hopes for the future?

Victory and peace for Ukraine. That is my biggest wish now.