Sending you kisses from Italy, my dear followers!

To be honest, I am in the most Spanish city in Italy! And i am not crazy, because Alghero is called as Barcelonetta ( little Barcelona) for its history and architecture. But I will tell you more about this beautiful town on the next post. Today I want to show and tell you about the hotel, we stayed at. It was totally gorgeous SPA-Hotel Villa Las Tronas!

The building of the Villa is absolutely different if compare with houses and buildings around. And it’s not weird, because it was built at the end of 19 century! So can you imagine how gorgeous and stunning this hotel is? When i saw it, I was absolutely impressed by the Villa and its area with huge vivid garden! Just look on the way to reception. It looks like the way to a kings’ castle, isn’t it? Its another journey – to walk around the hotel and discover all its surprises as helipad, the terrace with the view for ages, swimming pools and beautiful private beach.

img_9805 img_8482

Inside the Hotel is even more pompous and stunning! The combination of modern and old-fashioned furniture is so successful – it creates its own recognizable style of the Hotel. I felt like a true princess in the King-size bed, surrounded be antique items. One more thing, you really need to know about the Villa Las Tronas – its that the Hotel has the most!!! amazing view from the Villa! I am really in love with our room-view, but the view from the panoramic windows at the restaurant is literally EVERYTHING!

img_8209 img_7621

The cuisine of the Villa Las Tronas is sooo tasty,  and breakfast table is full of totally delicious desserts: croissants, pies, cakes and cookies!  Tasty coffee and the view of golden sunrise will make you the happiest person ever!

Moreover, the staff of the hotel is another thing to highlight! All workers are very polite and pleasant, and all of them are always happy to help!


Another bonus that awaits all guests of Villa Las Tronas is SPA, which consists of an indoor seawater swimming pool (heated and equipped with swimming against the tide), sauna, Turkish bath, sensational shower, hydromassage and solarium. After trying all the opportunities of the SPA, I felt like a Goddess!


So that the best place to stay in Alghero is Villa Las Tronas. I was and I am really impressed by the hospitality and the highest class of the Hotel. If you want to become a blue-blooded person even got several days – you definitely need to stay at Villa Las Tronas.

Thank you for reading my blogpost and hope you liked it!

lots of love,

Villa Las Tronas

Written by Sasha Zayats