Pure campaign

Hello, guys // This post is about young, but up-and-coming brand – Pure. It is full of unusual accessories and knitted clothes. I am really glad and proud to be a model of that brand, cause Pure is everything about femininity and sensuality. There are some pics from the new collections’ campaign. More on Hope you… Read more »

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    Detox Day

      Hi guys! Everyone knows, that strong body with clear mind is the key to healthy lifestyle. I am absolutely addicted to different experiments with my daily diet and exercises I do. So yesterday I tried detox soups from @detoxshop_ukraine – and now I can give you my opinion on that subject 🙂 But firstly, we… Read more »

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    when grey is really bright

    Hi, guys Sorry for not writing for a long time, but promise I will do all my best to make posts oftener and more interesting for you. So, today I will show you my “roguish” outfit 🙂 Checking out lots of NY, London and of course Milano fashion week street style looks, I got that… Read more »

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    My Playlist

    One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley Hello, my friends // Today I want to share with you one of my biggest passions – my playlist. But first, let me express what I feel about music. The song is something, that can give you emotions, wake your… Read more »

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    Black & Fluffy

    Hope all of you are safe and sound // <3 Today I show you one of my favorite outfits. This is that type of looks, which are relevant not only for everyday life, but also for some special occasions. Black fluffy jacket with vivid bag&sneakers is absolutely right choice for those girls, who prefer warm… Read more »

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    Wind of Spring

    Hey, everyone // It was the first sunny and warm day of February, so that I could wear basic spring outfit. And today I share it with you, guys. As for me, the mix of white top with dark jeans & jacket is absolute must-have for every spring season. It may look simple, but it always… Read more »

  • 6 Ideas for Healthy Snacks

    Hello everyone! It’s my first post, and it will be about my favorite healthy snacks. They are not only extremely delicious, but also they are really good for your health. As every girl I am waiting for summer, so that I need to get into shape before bikini season. And the best way to tone… Read more »