Saying hello to my beloved followers! And I am, actually, saying it again from Armenia))

So, it’s clear, that our Armenian trip is going on, and our second destination was absolutely beautiful city on the north of the country, called Dilijan. 
Dilijan is kind of spa town, and it is even usually called Armenian Switzerland because of its beautiful nature. Colorful and vivid forests, wild mountain rivers, huge slopes and silent plains – all of that is the parts of Dilijans’ beauty. Moreover, Dilijan has not only stunning nature views, but also some great historical attractions, like Hagharzin Monastery or Sharambeyan street. Unfortunately it was impossible to stay at the monastery)) buuuut, we were absolutely lucky to have an opportunity to stay at Sharambeyan street –  the historical city centre of Dilijan. Specifically, we stayed at the most beautiful and authentic hotel of the town – Old Dilijan Complex Tufenkian. 
So, you got it, that our hotel location is more then perfect! Its absolute city centre, and the buildings of the hotel are made so goood! It looks like a 19th century houses inside and out. The buildings and the rooms are absolutely authentic, stylish, but at the same time comfortable enough! Room is equipped with everything we needed. ( and nice bonus was a special bottles of their own water !!) 
Another thing, i want to mention, is their own special restaurant, called Haykanush. Our breakfast and dinner there were insane! Oh, breakfast are always me favorite topics, but today i want to tell you more about our extremely tasty dinner at Haykanush. Awww, the bottle of Armenian red wine, cheese plate, Armenian bread with hummus, grilled meat, baked chicken with orange sauce, cheese pie, Armenian-styled rice and apple pie for dessert. Oh, yes, all of that was only for 2 of us, and you know, we ate it all ))) and one thing, i can say about it, that it was totally delicious!
Moreover, the service at Old Dilijan Complex Tufenkian is super cute. They can make your vacation totally comfortable and full of positive vibe! The hotel service organized a special trip to Hagharzin Monastery for us so fast and professionally, so that we can’t be happier than we were!
So, if you are in Dilijan – you definitely must visit Old Dilijan Complex Tufenkian!
I hope you like this stuff! Hugs and kisses,

Written by Sasha Zayats