My dear readers! Today I’ll tell you a little about our tour with Natasha in Budapest. More specifically, I will tell you about the place where we stopped for a few days. The place, which will long remain in our memory.

Coming up to Aria Hotel Budapest through the old, paving stoned streets, we realized that the location of the hotel is even more than perfect! Just a 1-minute walk from the hotel and you can see Saint Stephan’s Basilica, and a full life street, which leads to the Danube embankment.

As soon as we crossed the threshold of the hotel, we were greeted by smiling faces of incredibly pleasant staff, whose eyes sparkled with genuine hospitality! And for all the time spent in the Aria Hotel, we did not feel discomfort or awkwardness in dealing with the hotel staff. On the contrary, the concept of Aria Hotel Budapest lies on the fact that the comfort and pleasure of guests is a priority, and this is confirmed by the atmosphere in the hotel.

Special attention is the interior, and the main idea of ​​Aria Hotel Budapest. The name “Aria” – is given not by chance, as the hotel is, literally, devoted to music, or rather its 4 directions – opera, jazz, classical and contemporary. Hall of the Hotel, named the Music Garden, is decorated with chic, black grand piano. And if you raise your head and look up, you will enjoy the view of the glass ceiling, followed by another 5 floors adorn the terraces. So, the rooms at the Aria Hotel Budapest are absolutely extraordinary, each one is unique and unrepeatable, because dedicated to the aforementioned music styles. Our room was devoted to opera, and as soon as we entered it, you hear Le nozze di Figaro ossia la folle giornat. As it is a music hotel, there are high-quality speaker with volume control in the room. Therefore, as you know, we listened to music, even taking a bath, and I want to note, that sound was excellent even there! I do not even want to talk about how stylish the room is, and offer you to take a look at this beauty with your own eyes:

IMG_1975IMG_1938 IMG_1977

Just incredibly pleasant fact is,that Aria Hotel Budapest gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy not only the room, but also a huge number of options, about which I am now going to tell you.

Firstly, I want to note, that breakfast and Wine & Cheese Time gives you a tremendous choice and very high quality goodies! My taste ego was struck by felling! Personally I recommend myself to try the granola with yogurt for breakfast, and Emmental Cheese and mustard sauce with red wine for Wine&Cheese Time. It is incredibly delicious!

IMG_1918 IMG_1929

Another bonus that awaits all guests is the Harmony Spa, which is brush up the title of best Luxury Spa in 2015 in Europe. Once we have tested all of its services for yourselves, I can say that the award was given not in vain! Chilling in the Harmony Spa – it is a great way to relax after a tiring sightseeing, or put yourself in a tone in the morning!

Aria Hotel Budapest provides an incredible amount of options, but I will tell only about one more thing – a High Note SkyBar, located on the rooftop. O was very impressed with the menu, again the same staff! I advise you to try the cocktail Goldie – it is incredibly delicious! The view that opens from there, made me stand still for a moment, and made my eyes filled with tears of joy and pleasure!


Thank you, Aria Hotel Budapest, for unforgettable emotions, the constant smile on my face and a feeling of happiness in the air!

With loving heart and smiling face,

Written by Sasha Zayats