Warmest greetings to my dearest readers!

So I returned from Kyiv, and finally I have some time to share with you all aspects of my trip. As always, I’ll start with a review of the hotels where I have stayed during this week. These are Senator Apartments Maidan and 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Honestly, these two hotels are so good that I cannot even choose which one of them is the best. Therefore, I think it would be appropriate to specify what they have in common and how they are different.

Let’s talk about their location – both are situated in the city centre. It takes you just 5 minutes to walk from Senator Apartments Maidan to Khreshchatyk – Kyiv’s central street. Again, if you want to enjoy views of St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral and the Golden Gate, it is just a 5-minute walk from 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Moreover, both hotels are located near the subway which can easily take you to any part of the city.

IMG_9301 IMG_9626 IMG_9505

Breakfasts. Oh yes, it is my favourite topic for this type of stories. Especially when it comes down to meals served in the above mentioned hotels. I think you will see it for yourselves  after taking a look at the photos of our breakfasts at Senator Apartments Maidan and 11 Mirrors Design Hotel! There is nothing like the option ‘Breakfast In Bed’! I am sure it is a must-do on any trip! Any time I recollect our great and delicious breakfasts, it makes my mouth water. Delicate omelettes with vegetables, tender poached eggs with pike caviar, Italian cheeses with honey and nuts, toasts with various jams, fruit yogurt, sugary pancakes with sauce, and pastries! Lots of delicious cakes to be washed down with great coffee. While writing these sentences, I feel literally thrilled at these gastro memories. In short, the hotels earned the ‘Very Good Breakfast’ mark at Booking.com ‘not just for their good looks’, as you may have guessed.


Both Senator Apartments Maidan and 11 Mirrors Design Hotel offer an incredibly high level of service. The staff are polite, courteous and ready to solve any guest’s request or problem in less than no time. I give them 10 out of 10 for their cheerful smiles and helpfulness!

The design of both hotels deserves special attention. Probably, this is the only difference between Senator Apartments Maidan and 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Senator Apartments Maidan has the simple clean design with plenty of space. As for me, it is an ideal accommodation for business travellers. 11 Mirrors Design Hotel is all about fashion, luxury and a sophisticated style! All the words alike can be used to describe the hotel that was created for mods and lifestyle individuals.

IMG_0630 IMG_9313

Well, I can say that these two hotels are your best choice for Kyiv, if you wish to turn your stay into an enjoyable and memorable experience!

I hope you like my stuff! Hugs and kisses,

Written by Sasha Zayats