Pure campaign

Hello, guys // This post is about young, but up-and-coming brand – Pure. It is full of unusual accessories and knitted clothes. I am really glad and proud to be a model of that brand, cause Pure is everything about femininity and sensuality. There are some pics from the new collections’ campaign. More on Hope you… Read more »

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    Ideas For Breakfast

    Hello my dear readers! Morning – is my favorite time of day. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the most important of them is – breakfast! In my opinion the breakfast – is the main part of the diet, so I never miss it, and as a result, have lots of recipes😍… Read more »

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    Aria Hotel Budapest

    My dear readers! Today I’ll tell you a little about our tour with Natasha in Budapest. More specifically, I will tell you about the place where we stopped for a few days. The place, which will long remain in our memory. Coming up to Aria Hotel Budapest through the old, paving stoned streets, we realized that… Read more »

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    Rzeszow Trip

    Hello my dear readers! Finally, I have enough time to write a post about the Polish city of Rzeszow, more precisely about the places that are worth paying attention to. WHERE TO STAY? For a long time searching the different hotels on, I stumbled upon the Grand Hotel Boutiqe Rzeszow and realized that I will… Read more »

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    Hello Summer, Hello June

    Good Morning, my dearest followers and readers! I am so happy to start this summer with that street style post, and hope you will like it as i do. Its going to be not really hot June all over the Europe, so that i purpose you not to hide your cardigans and jeans. I think,… Read more »

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    Shooting for ANNA K

    Hello to all my readers and those who accidentally found my blog! Today I will show you incredibly cool pictures and I will talk a little about them. Anna K – is a young brand, that managed to earn the love and acceptance of the fashion community worldwide! And a few weeks ago I became lucky… Read more »

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    Sweetest greetings, lovely readers of my blog! Right now I am at the capital of our country – the city of Kiev, so that I decided to celebrate it sharing with you another extraordinary shooting. Which, oddly enough, was shot in Kharkov. It was quite strange to look at myself in the mirror, but nevertheless,… Read more »